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Selling with Property Escape

We can buy your property for cash in a time that suits you! A GUARANTEED sale, with no agents and solicitors fees, all within a few clicks. Should you require a quick property sale, Property Escape will buy your house regardless of its condition.

It’s completely FREE to receive our initial cash offer for your house. You can take your time to consider if you’d like to proceed and when. All your costs are covered and we can have you at the stage of completion in as little as 7 days.

And that’s not all! We act in complete privacy, all your business is kept confidential. You won’t ever see a for sale board, have any chains to worry about or anyone poking their nose in to view. Just a fast, guaranteed house sale relieving you of all your property related stresses.

We buy any property within the UK so you needn’t worry if you’re all the way up in Newcastle, we will still buy your property for cash. All you need to do is enter your postcode above to find out how much you can get. We’ll have you on your way to a swift home-sale in no time!

Why sell with Property Escape?

There’s a number of advantages in working with us

No fees

Avoid hefty estate agent fees that come with selling your home

Best prices paid

We’re a family run company who empathises with your property pains. You’ll receive a fair offer always.

Going above & beyond

We take care of any clearance, cleaning, repairs and refurbishments.


Feel secure in knowing you won’t have a sale fall through. Fast completion guaranteed!

No legal / solicitors fees

Benefit for this cost saving and even use our lighting fast legal advisers for speed.

Eliminate stress / anxiety

Under huge pressure to secure a fast sale? We'll take immediate action and come to your rescue.

Hassle free

We work around you. Flexible timescales when you decide when you want to sell and move out.

Save time + Fast cash

Quick 24 hour cash offer. Cash in your bank within days


Following your accepting of our offer. You sale is guaranteed. No last minute surprises, funds in your account within agreed timescales.

Fast exchange

Exchange contracts within as little as 24 hours

No hidden fees or upfront cost

We do what it says on the tin! Buy your house cash covering all your fees.

What do our customers have to say?

See what our clients think of Property Escape by reading the reviews.

Julia Weglaz

The level of support I received from Property Escape was really something else that in a very painful time for me.

Helen Chambers

I had given up hope of finding a buyer for my property. Property Escape despite all its issues to my amazement came through!

Peter Walton

I would highly recommend this company, they delivered what they promised and were courteous in doing so.

Abu Diaz

From start to finish in just 8 a days! Delivered as promised! We couldn’t wait a day longer for the funds and didn’t have!

Selling conventionally v selling with Property Escape

You can see why selling to us turns out to be the most fruitful. We’re not a middle man, you’ll be skipping any fees and getting a guaranteed quick sale.

Selling with estate agents

Estimated time for sale completion, 6 – 9 months

Advertised price


Price agreed after survey


Estate agent & solicitor fees


Mortgage payments


Bills & repairs


Final price


Selling with Property Escape

Estimated time for sale completion, 7 days

Advertised price


Price agreed after survey


Estate agent & solicitor fees


Mortgage payments


Bills & repairs


Final price


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We can help in all situations

We all hit hardship from time to time, we can help

Should your lender not be willing to help, it’s imperative you take quick action to stop your house being repossessed. In times like these, when homeowners need it most, we can step in to grind the house repossession process to a halt. In some instances we can even accompany you to court to cease this if things are very last minute.

It’s important to know if you have any additional loans secured against your property and the equity you have in your home also. Providing you are happy with our offer we can move fast to buy your property, often in as little as a few days. Selling quickly for cash instead of being repossessed by your lender means your future ability to buy isn’t compromised.

If you’re in need of getting your finances back on track then selling your property can provide the cash injection you require. The ability to pay off your debts and move on can be your best move. You could be fortune enough to have equity in your home, in which case you’ll receive a sizeable amount of money on completion to be spent on whatever you please.

Ultimately selling off your house to pay your debts is a big step to take and the decision should always be taken with care and the right financial advice. Don’t feel pressured by any debtors, protect your own assets and interests first and foremost. Should you need any assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to Property Escape. We can support you in these difficult times. Should you decide selling is the route you want to go down, let us put forward a no obligation, cash offer.

Although divorce rates are falling, divorce is one of the most common reasons to need a quick property sale. The matrimonial home is usually the most valuable asset jointly owned by a couple. As such, when it comes to selling a couples prized possession due to divorce, there is naturally a lot of contention.

As a regulated, professional house buying company we can buy your property for cash should you be looking to sell fast due to divorce. Our offers are all sent over in less than 24 hours and we can get you on your way to moving on with your lives the very next day! Typically we can buy within 7-21 days. Our offer can be made before, during or after your divorce.

If you’re on the brink of being made redundant or you already have been you’re bound to be concerned. Not knowing when the next pay-check is going to arrive when you have a big mortgage and bills galore is a frightening prospect. At Property Escape we always pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to each and everyone of our clients specific, unique circumstances.

If selling your house feels like the best way to go to get back on track, we can offer you our cash buying property services. It’s fast, hassle free and permits you to move on with your life. It’s proved a blessing for our clients in the past and could be exactly what you need! Getting a cash offer is completely free, there’s really nothing to lose and if we can help you, then fantastic!

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