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Do you want a transparent, stress free, solution to sell your home quickly? Our flexible yet simple process allows you to sell your house fast. You dictate the timeframe, when you’re ready we will make the purchase with cash and in as little as 7 days.

Don’t continue to feel at a loss with your property. We can assist in any situation no matter it’s complexity. There’s plenty more about our quick sale services below, all you need to do if your looking to sell your house fast is:

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    How to sell your house fast

    There are a couple of ways to go when selling a property. If you’re thinking about selling your home quickly some avenues will be better than others. Ultimately the fastest method would be to sell to a reputable cash property buyer like Property Escape.

    Property Escape puts forward our ‘buy it fast’ offer inside 24 hours. You could have the money for your property within 7 days! Below is a breakdown of 3 ways in which you could sell your house. We’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

    Up to 85% of market value with a higher degree of certainty

    Selling properties at auction can prove fruitful if done correctly. There are various auction houses up and down the country, however selection is key. Similarly to fast sale property sites, you will be receiving a figure lower than market value.

    First and foremost you’ll have an appraisal of yours property arranged by the auctioneer. He’ll advise if your property is suitable for an auction sale, it maybe the case that yours isn’t. Be ready to permit access to your home for surveyors to examine the property and take measurements along with prospective buyers who’ll want to see inside before bidding.

    You’ll need to arrange for a solicitor to create a legal pack for you, this is a requirement for selling at any auction and your property won’t be listed for sale without one. The next step would be agreeing on auctioneer and commission fees. These can be up to 2.5%. Be prepared to pay these fees even if your property does not sell at auction.

    Should you opt for the auction route your looking at around 6-10 weeks to completion from start to finish. Should luck be on your side and you manage to achieve a sale in the room, the buyer will have 4-6 weeks to complete the purchase. 10% is paid on the day of the auction and the remaining funds are organised in the period thereafter.

    Achieve sales closer to market value but in a considerably slower time

    If you have time on your side, estate agencies are by far the best way to go when it comes to selling property. You can opt for an online estate agent or a local one, the fees will vary. What’s most important is to pick one that is reputable, we’d highly recommend to carefully read the reviews of any agents you’re considering before proceeding.

    You can pick to go with 2 agents if you desire in a ploy to hopefully achieve a little bit more for your property. This is likely to result in higher fees however. You’re looking at 1-2% + vat of your property sale in the way of fees, this could in some cases be a fixed fee set at the start by the agent.

    Typically you’re looking at 3-6 months to realise a sale through an estate agency. This however could be a lot longer. You could be in for anywhere between 6-18 months, this would be a more appropriate timescale for less desirable properties and less sought after locations. You can never truly guarantee you’ll have an interested party.

    Selling through an agent is likely to get you as close to market value as you can hope for. This isn’t always the case in slow markets and recessionary periods but for the most part you can expect to receive the highest proceeds this way. One thing to be aware of is chains, this may result in your sale falling through putting you back to square one and seeking a new buyer.

    House buyers are able to purchase your property for cash and guarantee a quick sale

    Working with Property Escape is hands down the fastest and most efficient way to sell your property. As a professional house buying company we use our own cash to move with the kind of speed and certainty that you won’t experience elsewhere. Typically you can achieve a sale in 7-21 days with us.

    In special circumstances we can move quicker, we’ve bought in just a few days numerous times. One of the things that sets us apart is our appetite to buying absolutely any property. Where an auction house or estate agency may struggle to sell a property of some kind, we’ll happily purchase and for cash!

    Regardless of the property related issue you have, we’ll make you an offer. What’s great about quick sale property websites is that most are completely free to use! When you contact us we’ll be back to you in 24 hours with a no obligation, FREE, cash offer. This is something you can then take your time to consider and discuss through with us.

    Upon going ahead you’ll have direct contact with a dedicated member of the team to support you through the process. We’re highly regulated and as such provide a fair, honest and transparent service to all our clients from start to finish. You’re safe in the hands of Property Escape when opting to sell your house fast.

    Before you choose your desired route to sell you house, it is important to make sure have the following information to hand:

    We require the details of the legal owners of the property and need to be aware of any rights or charges over the property someone may have. This could be a tenant, a partner, or financial lender.

    We’ll need some identification from the owner of the property. A copy of your passport/ driving license and a proof of address.

    Contact details and account numbers for any existing mortgages, loans or secured debts on the property.

    In relation to inherited property, we need to know the stage of the probate process you’re at. Whether it’s been initiated or even completed. Also if the title has been transferred.

    Why should you consider a quick sale/selling your house fast?

    Property Escape is faster and more secure than the open market. There’s nothing wrong with the estate agency approach it’s just extremely slow and stressful to endure.

    After 6 months of wondering ‘will I ever find a buyer’ you suddenly have your home sold! Only for it to fall through a few weeks later.  If you’d like to skip the hassle and the extra costs of working with estate agents we will gladly be of service.

    Our quick house sale solution permits you to sell your house fast and have the kind of guarantees in place you won’t get anywhere else! Once our formal offer is accepted the agreed upon price will not change, that’s a promise!

    There are lots of reasons you may need to sell quickly and we cover them all. The likes of probate, emigration, problem properties are bread and butter for us. Selling your house quickly is simple and effective. If you do have any concerns or need further guidance we’re only ever a call away.

    Contact us and we will help you achieve a fast house sale today in a timescale that suits you. Sell your house fast to Property Escape for a smooth, stress free, property experience.

    Go down the auction route and, although it’s a quicker process than with an estate agent, you’ll have to pay up to 2.5% of your sale value to the auctioneer, regardless of if your property is sold or not – another additional cost you won’t find with our services. Plus, there’s always the worry of if your house doesn’t sell or goes for less than you wanted on the day.

    We guarantee that the experience of selling your home with us won’t be as stressful as if you were selling to the open market. Your home is guaranteed to be sold, the cash will be in your pocket within three weeks, sometimes even sooner, and you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs or fret that your home is taking too long to garner interest, either. We’re here throughout the whole process to ensure selling your home with us is quick, easy and hassle free.

    Why choose Property Escape to sell your house fast in the UK?

    There’s no hidden fees, our service is 100% FREE! Well even pay your legals

    You’ll get a fair cash offer within 24 hours

    We can complete the purchase in just 7 days

    We’re direct property buyers, there’s no chains nor will your house be put on the market with for sale boards. A secure fast sale

    We never miss a deadline! Once the completion date is set, that’s final

    You’ll be dealing with our amicable yet considerate team who’ll steer you through the process.

    Sell your house, flat or maisonette regardless of the condition

    A quick, hassle free, alternative to the traditional routes

    Selling conventionally v selling with Property Escape

    You can see why selling to us turns out to be the most fruitful. We’re not a middle man, you’ll be skipping any fees and getting a guaranteed quick sale.

    Selling with estate agents

    Estimated time for sale completion, 6 – 9 months

    Advertised price


    Price agreed after survey


    Estate agent & solicitor fees


    Mortgage payments


    Bills & repairs


    Final price


    Selling with Property Escape

    Estimated time for sale completion, 7 days

    Advertised price


    Price agreed after survey


    Estate agent & solicitor fees


    Mortgage payments


    Bills & repairs


    Final price


    Quick sale to help in any situation

    We can complete your purchase in 7 - 21 days. Working to your timescale and leaving you with less to worry about


    Read our FAQs section for answers to your most burning questions

    We will have an offer over to you within 24 hours. You can call us on 0203 916 5960 or fill in our online valuation form.

    We’re happy to buy properties in any condition, no amount of damage will put us off. We just ask for complete transparency so we can provide an accurate valuation swiftly.

    We don’t discount any properties and will always put forward an offer for something you have to sell. Some of the types of properties we buy are: bungalows, flats, maisonettes, terraced houses, semi&detached properties, land, retail, offices and warehouses. Should you have something more unusual it’ll certainly still be of interest.

    Absolutely nothing, we don’t believe in charging for this unlike many of our competitors. We’re honest and transparent with our clients and will be upfront if we feel we’re not the right buyers for your situation.