Sell Your House Fast In Yorkshire

How to sell your house in Yorkshire

Property Escape is one of the largest professional property buying companies in the country, our flexibility sets us apart. We can complete purchases at lightening speeds or if you’re in need of delaying the completion for some months we can also accommodate.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Yorkshire we are cash buyers. We’re interested in the full range of properties and whatever defect it may have gets dealt with internally. You needn’t ever worry your home is too problematic to sell, Property Escape will make you a cash offer today. All you need to do is fill in the form to the right of this page!

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    Locations We’re Interested In

    If you want to secure a hassle free sale and own property in the Yorkshire area you’ve come to the right place!

    Here is a list of various locations we make cash offers in for your property:
    • Leeds
    • Barnsley
    • Sheffield
    • Bradford
    • Doncaster
    • Rotherham
    • Huddersfield
    • Middlesbrough
    • Hull
    • Rotherham
    • York
    • Scunthorpe
    • Scarborough
    • Grimsby
    • Morley
    • Castleford
    • Halifax
    • Harrogate

    Why Choose Property Escape To Sell Your Home In Yorkshire

    There are a whole host of reasons, below to name just a few:

    • We’re flexible and can complete as fast or as slow as you need.
    • There are no hidden fees
    • We use our own cash and don’t act as middlemen
    • We buy all types and standards of property
    • We do as we say!
    • We cover all associated seller fees!

    We are regulated by

    We’re a highly regulated quick house sale buyer and are members of NAPB, RICS and the Property Ombudsman. We’re always striving to do more for our clients. With this level of accreditation, you can trust you’re in ultra safe hands.

    How much will you pay me for your property?

    Property Escape endeavours to pay any of the homeowners we speak to a fair and accurate price. We tend to pay up to 80% of your homes true market value, this can vary region by region and can sometimes be a little more or a little less.

    This may not sound great to you on the surface but don’t forget we are a business at the end of the day. We have huge overheads, lumpy costs of finance, not to mention the huge element of risk that goes with buying so many properties and waiting out for better market conditions. All so you can achieve that fast, hassle free, sale.

    Reasons you may need to sell your house fast in Yorkshire

    Properties are the single most important asset a person can have in their lives. We all need a roof over our heads right? With necessity also comes troubles and tribulations however. Something many homeowners can resonate with, we’re sure. Having a property that you need to sell at all costs and just can’t poses a problem.

    Property Escape, as a professional house buying company, put our heads together to come up with a solution for the distressed homeowners out there. Why on earth would someone so desperately need to sell? It’s a good question, there can be a whole host of reasons.

    These include:

    • Going through a divorce
    • Inheriting a property
    • Downsizing, relocating or emigrating abroad
    • Owning a property in a state of disrepair.
    • Having a short lease, or legal issues.

    These are all solvable problems with time, attention and the required care taken. We appreciate there are those than just cannot wait or don’t have the desire to be dealing with these adversities. Property Escape formed to help those in these situations. We’ve secured funding lines that permit us to buy your house fast and for cash!

    Can we trust you?

    You certainly can, Property Escape is one of the most regulated house buying companies on the market! We’re members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme and also National Association of Property buyers. Being part of those regulators points towards the excellent level of service we provide.

    Quick sale to help in any situation

    We can complete your purchase in 7 - 21 days. Working to your timescale and leaving you with less to worry about


    Read our FAQs section for answers to your most burning questions

    Using our highly experienced, in-house team of property surveyors, we can put forward our offer in principle. If this is accepted we can then formalise your offer and get you on your way to selling your property fast!

    Selling property can be an area of complexity, it just doesn’t need to be! Property Escape makes the process super straightforward for any property owners seeking a fast sale. All you have to do is; enter your postcode, get your offer in 24 hours, accept our offer so we can go to the property to formalise it and finally get legal proceedings under way. It’s as simple as that!

    We can put a stop to this process if you contact us immediately, all hope is not lost! We’ve saved many a past client from house repossession, purchasing for cash when they’ve needed us most.

    Honesty, efficiency and professionalism are just some of the words we associate ourselves with. Our service levels are second to none, you won’t be waiting long to hear from us. Our business was carefully crafted with our vendors in mind, taking into consideration what you’d be seeking when it came to selling a property.

    We’re revolutionising the housing market by offering alternative ways of selling.